Will CuppaBrew pods fit in my Keurig machine?

Our pods are designed to fit just about any single-serve cup coffee machine, including Keurig machines. Additionally, each order will include an adapter that may be used for some Keurig 2.0 machines. Please note that dome shaped capsule machines like Nespressos are not compatible at this time.

Note: not all machines are created equally. In the event that your pod is unable to fit your machine, send us an email at: hello@thecuppabrew.com.

How long will the coffee remain fresh?

Our method of packing each pod allows for us to capture the grounded Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at its peak freshness, giving you a shelf life of several months. We recommend consuming your coffee within 6 months of purchasing.

What does “From Ground to Ground” mean?

Ground to ground is our slogan that defines our sustainability philosophy. For years, the coffee industry, especially single-serve cups/pod-based coffees , have contributed to pollution of the planet due to all of the plastic waste build-up. Our Founders did not want to contribute to this therefore all of our packaging includes elements that are either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Coffee Pods: 100% Biodegradable

Burlap Sack: Reusable.

Label: Compostable

Mailer Package: Compostable

Will you ever offer the option to purchase beans or grounded coffee?

It’s a possibility! Hang tight as we continue to explore all of our cost and eco-friendly options.

Do you offer wholesale options?

For all wholesale inquiries please contact us via email at hello@thecuppabrew.com.