Our Story

Our Story

In 2019 two friends, visited the blue Mountains in Jamaica for vacation. After a chat with local coffee farmers during a coffee tour, two things were clear after their time with the farmers.

1. They LOVE farming coffee - it’s their family legacy.

2. They were unhappy with their wages. They spend 10-12hrs. on the farm daily producing the highest quality coffee in the Caribbean (arguably the world) while their earnings are left at the mercy of the wholesale buyers.

At that moment, they knew that something needed to change.

After doing some research, the duo learned about another downside to the coffee industry. The billions of plastics that are generated each year, that pile up in landfills, causing serious environmental issues. As scientists, they knew there had to be a more environmentally friendly approach to the coffee experience.

Fast forward  to CuppaBrew. A family owned and operated coffee company inspired to deliver the best coffee from Jamaica Blue Mountain in 100% compostable/biodegradable single serve pods, 8oz and 10oz bags coffee to coffee lovers worldwide.

Proceeds from profits will be donated to coffee farmers to support with their children’s education. CuppaBrew’s aim to help save the planet one coffee pod at a time while having customers enjoy the experience of the finest and highest quality coffee.

From ground to ground.